Your logo is awesome but what is Aviator?

Thanks.  Aviator is a boutique brand that was founded and continues to be the effort of 1 guy- a former Naval Aviator and current Airbus driver.  Aviator is a Denver based company that believes in providing superior value to customers by being 100% focused on developing and building the most thoughtfully designed aviation headsets in the world and selling them cheap to folks just like myself...and yeah that would be you...because I believe you are awesome...don't blow it.

I am not a very trusting person.  Why would I buy from a new company vs an established brand?

Ben Franklin- "Distrust and caution are the parents of security."  My Mom- "Stupidity should be painful."  Pennywise- "You want your boat Georgie?"

I get that Aviator is a new company and the interwebs are scary... but you like getting great deals...damn... adulting is hard.  I have done my best to build a transparent business model to instill trust which is the cornerstone of any relationship.  I paid Varinode more money than I wanted in order to verify some pretty important stuff. The address of the company is verified.  The 30 day money back guarantee is verified.  Our security and payment processing is verified.  Feel free to click on the Varinode logo which is on the bottom right of this eye-wateringly beautiful website.  At the end of the day we all descend into the abyss on the verbal command of ATC...and come's $300 not your six that you are risking.  BE BRAVE.

Are Aviator Headsets TSO'd?  I heard from a friend who heard from a colleague who heard from his cousin that a guy got hammered for wearing a non-TSO'd headset.  

FAA examiners are actually fairly nice people and I welcome them all with open arms as long as there is enough oxygen on-board to allow a jumpseater to ride.  Come to think of it, I believe the oxygen levels have always been too low.  

The FAA does not require PART 91,135 or 121 aviators to wear TSO'd headsets.  That myth was laid to rest on October 12th, 2007 when the FAA released the "Whatley Memo."  From that memo- "There is no specific requirement that aircraft operating under 14 CFR part 121 be equipped with headsets or that flight crewmembers use headsets produced under a TSOA."

Nobody has ever lost their ticket for wearing a non TSO'd headset.  Has not happened, will not happen.  The doctrine is clear.  If your Chief Pilot requires you to wear a TSO'd headset that is a company issue and not a FAA issue.  If your Chief Pilot states it is a FAA requirement your Chief Pilot is ill-informed.  Tell him/her. 


What if I decide to be awesome and buy a headset from you and I develop a rash or break out in hives?

If you are a deployed Naval Aviator that just left Pattaya Beach go see your flight doc.  You'll get a shot and a new callsign.  I remember my first port call... 

If for any reason you don't like your shiny new Aviator headset, feel free to put it back in its box within 30-days and send it back.  Your payment will be refunded after I verify that you aren't a masochist that subjected it to treatment that you should not have.  Easy peasy.

I love my headset, breakfast tastes better, clouds are puffier...but it doesn't work anymore.  What should I do?

Aviator offers a 3-year full replacement warranty on our entire line.  If you used it as a doorstop or "club of correction" for your student who always overshoots his final approach turn we will still work with you to get you communicating in glorious fashion again.  If the headset just broke, you will get a new one.  

How do you sell such fantastic headsets at such a low price?  Are you a level 13 conjurer with the cloak of Haverah and demonic shout?

"They laughed at Louis Armstrong when he said he was gonna go to the moon. Now he’s up there, laughing at them."- Chazz Michael Michaels- Blades of Glory

Aviation headsets aren't rocket science...they are acoustics science which is still hard but less people get blown up.  Aviator provides a superior product by focusing on tech that the majority of aviators want and need in a headset and discarding all other spendy features.  This singular, maniacal focus ensures that our headsets deliver more bang for the buck.  I like pretty flashing lights but I don't need them on the volume controller and they just ruin my night vision.  I don't use them.  If enough customers ask for a feature I vow to do my best to employ.  I am not perfect, my smoking hot doctor girlfriend reminds me of that all the time, but I do believe that Aviator headsets answer the mail for the vast majority of pilots out there.  

Why don't you advertise in magazines?  What did Plane and Pilot do to you?

Nothing.  I read their magazine every month and I am a better Aviator for doing so but their ad prices are fairly expensive and I don't need to sell boat-loads of headsets to pay for my toys.  See above- I have a smoking hot doctor girlfriend.  If you can get one, I highly suggest it.

Aviator doesn't sell headsets through Sporty's.  What gives are you a liberal...or communist...or liberal communist?

I believe that Aviator can make a dent in the aviation headset market by providing superior value at all costs.  That means I don't spend money on expensive marketing campaigns, product features that don't provide enough consumer value to cover their incremental costs and I don't want to increase the price 30-50% by letting Mr and Mrs Sporty market my headsets for me.  If I did that, Aviator would be just like every other aviation headset company.  So don't look for Aviator headsets on any 3rd party site anytime soon...or ever.